Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Row: George Ramsey and Ellen Toomey Sievers Middle Row: Elbert Chitwood and Elsey Strunk Ramsey (not sure if they were married when this was taken), Front Row: ? and Verda Strunk Weddle Jeffers ( I believe original had 4th young ladies name, but I can't find the original right this minute. Wasn't on my original post)

Ellen Toomey was Verda and Elsie's Step Sister. George Ramsey and Elsie married 27 Oct 1912. Elbert Chitwood's mother was a Strunk although pretty distant relation to Verda and Elsie. Elbert's Maternal Great Grandfather Isham Strunk b 1817 was youngest son of Daniel Strunk and his second wife Abigail. Verda & Elsie's Grandfather was Daniel Strunk, b 1822 son of the first Daniel and his third wife Honor Pennington.

Daniel Strunk was a very prolific ancestor. Divorced his first wife apparently (no children) and fathered 34 children between his other 3 wives.

(Just found that I posted this photo on and there I apparently identified the unknown young lady in front as Cindy Hayes. Don't think she is a relative.

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