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I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2016), where we write 26 blog posts featuring each letter of the alphabet.  Each blogger can choose whatever subject matter they want.

Obviously, my interest is in Genealogy (categorized as History/Mythology for the Challenge), so I'll be posting short bios of my or my husband's ancestors.  Hopefully, this will give me the incentive to keep it up, at least for a month. Who knows, it might create a good habit.  


Emily Elizabeth Cain

b 7 Jan 1869 - d 24 Jul 1933 


Emily Elizabeth Cain, daughter of Milford J and Nancy Jane Weddle Cain, was born 7 Jan 1869 in Caintown, Pulaski County, Kentucky.  Emily was the oldest daughter and the second born of the family's six children.  Milford was a farmer.

"Lizzie" married Abe Weddle on 15 Feb 1885 at her parent's home by J. J. Cooper. (  Elizabeth's Great Grandfather was her husband's Grandfather, John Milton Weddle (b 1776 - d 1842.) Elizabeth's Maternal Grandfather, Daniel Spencer Weddle (b 1817 - d 1885) was the older brother of Lincoln's Father, Solomon Weddle (b1822 - d 1890.)

I love how all my ancestors used different versions of their names throughout the years.  Emily Elizabeth was Emily, Elizabeth, and Lizzie on different records.  Abraham Lincoln was Abraham, Abe, Lincoln, A L, and Abe on different records.

 Elizabeth was the mother of Herbert Cain Weddle (b 1887 - d 1926), Lida Ella (b 1890-d 1959), Nannie Helen (b 1898 - d 1970), Minnie Pauline (b 1901 - d 1990), and Martha Elizabeth Weddle (b 1907 - d 1983).

Weddle Family about 1903: Abraham Lincoln, Nancy Helen, Herbert Cain, Lida Ellen, Minnie Pauline, and Emily Elizabeth Cain.  Date of photo estimated from Pauline's birth year of 1901

 Below is a family photo taken about 12 years later.  Herbert is married and away from home.  This includes daughter born after previous photo.

Note from my Aunt Libby identifying family members. Picture was probably taken about 1916 since youngest daughter was born 1907 and family moved to Mississippi in 1917.

 Their middle child, Helen, married a young man she met at Berea College.  He became a Realtor in Mississippi, and sold her parents some land in Mississippi in 1917 and they established a farm.

Their son Herbert, died in 1926.  Due to health problems his wife couldn't care for their children so Abe and Emily took the two youngest children home to Mississippi.  Later, the youngest girl returned to her mother, but the middle daughter didn't want to return to her mother.  After Abe's death, the two Elizabeth's moved to Sangamon, Illinois. I found them there in the 1930 census, living near the Weddle daughter, Ella Sievers. 

Elizabeth Cain Weddle died 24 July, 1933.  She is buried next to her husband and near her son, parents, and quite a few siblings in the Somerset City Cemetery in Somerset Kentucky.

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